Mar 302004

Finally got to see this raved-about film.

It’s good, but not great. Bill Murray’s his own reliable self, and previously undetected Scarlett Johansson also puts on a good show. The story’s quite vague, but uplifting nonetheless. And the central theme of jet lag being able to screw you up something fierce is something I can attest to personally. Thus far the record wake-o-rama’s 55 hours, going west, I rarely experience bad lags coming back east.

Also bought a sandrew-metronome 9-tix booklet to force myself to see movies in theatres more.

Might buy on dvd, if the price’s right and the extras worthwhile, but I ain’t waiting for this baby to appear with baited breath.

Mar 292004

And so it begins.

Indeed. Yet another blog among the uncounted thousands in the web already. This is just a trial run for an unspecified amount of time whether I keep having semi-interesting things to say.

No idea what this’ll cover. Things I’m interested in. Or pissed off at. Both, at the same time, sometimes. If people are covered, this will be under cover of some anonymity to protect the innocent, and in best possible taste, of course.