May 152004

Flight out at 7pm. Which is never good, since hotels kick you out around noon. And, this being a french one, was sure not to give me a break here. Even though they managed to displace a shirt for three days, no chance to keep the room till later. So, the luggage goes into a small unguarded room, and yours truly back into the city.

Walked around the Boulevard Haussmann area for a couple of hours, and browsed some shops. Bought a shirt. Had french sushi (single-packed nigiri and makis) at Lafayette’s, which was nice. My croissant-quota was rapidly overflowing anyway.

Went to CDG early. Bad idea. It’s one of those airports where everything (shops, cafes) happens before the security check, so the place is packed with people who’re not actually travelling anywhere adding to the already crowded environs. Crashed a table of an american couple in a pub and caught up on a couple of newspapers.

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