May 102004

On a weeklong work-trip to the french capital.

Charles De Gaulle airport ranks among the least well guided in the world (Seattle-Tacoma gives it a good run for the money). Taxi rank was hidden somewhere inconvenient. Same thing almost happens at Gare du Nord, where taxis are exactly where not pointed to by any signs. Despite these hindrances (and the cab driver getting hopelessly lost on a five minute ride) make it to the hotel in one piece.

And the hotel’s advertised internet connectivity turns out to be just hot air. Forgot to bring bluetooth dongle, so GPRS is not an option either. Looks like a peaceful week, e-mailwise…

May 082004

Second time I saw Ozric Tentacles.

Second time I was thoroughly disappointed in the absolute lack of clue-ownership by the organizers.

Disaster. Apart from decently prized beer, pretty much everything was screwed up.

  • No signs – Makasiinit is a big place, and especially when the traditional entrance was not used, these would have made people’s lives easier. No biggie though.
  • Line in – Everybody had to stand in the same queue, even if one had a) pre-bought ticket and b) nothing to check in.
  • Line in – Took almost half an hour to get in. Missed almost all of the warm-up band (Hidria Spacefolk).
  • Sound, or lack thereof – Makasiinit is probably on of the acoustically most challenging locations, and the mixers capitulated fast, just pushing all knobs to maximum and hoping for a decent sound. Never materialized, just mush – through which some instruments came through, some disappeared.
  • Line out – Everybody used the same queue, despite the fact that a lot of the attendees hadn’t checked anything in.

Yes. I do sound whiny, don’t I… But having paid 22 euros for a ticket, I would expect a wee bit better organization.

May 022004

Pleasant. Both weather- and people-wise.

After the chillfest of 2003 (+4C), this year’s was a far more warm affair – at its hottest moments allowing traipsing around in a t-shirt. But never letting forget that it’s not yet thoroughly spring…

Ran into a record number of old friends. Some not seen in more than half a decade. Ended up parasiting some food and heading home via an extensively scenic route.