Jun 192004

Ended a month-long dvd-drought by splurging on some that were on sale (Summer of Sam, Jurassic Park III [figured it was worth it at 5 euros], Chronological Donald) and one that wasn’t (first season of the Office).

Turns out that the Disney-disc is way lamer in Europe than in the states. They have a real tin as a package, we have tinfoil in a standard plastic cover. But this was a steal at 16 euros, the R1-import would have set me back close to sixty.

Bought the newest issue of hohto, the best movie magazine in Finland. Still haven’t managed to subscribe to it, but as they now give a gift-dvd for subs, and the selection is good, time to rectify that. Gave Fahrenheit 9/11 5 stars.

Hohto’s second only to Empire in quality, and at times surpasses it. But that magazine sets a high standard indeed. 150-odd pages monthly, useful web pages in addition and truly excellent online quizzes to test your film buffness as well (23/90 in the original, 25 in the sequel).

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