Jun 052004

Busy week. Way too busy.

Winded down with a couple of friends over beer and pizza. Always a good choice. Especially when you’re able to avoid talking about work. Didn’t stray into that subject many times this time around. Metro’s pizza scores nicely on the not-really-gourmet-but-still-good ladder.

Jun 022004

Despite very late departure from Vienna, everything’s swell. Luggage transferred OK in copenhagen (in matter of minutes, props to the stevedores).

Jun 012004

Original plan was to visit the zoo. It rains a bit, the zoo’s not that close, and I just lame out and go museum-hopping instead. Still haven’t seen a panda.

Museum of Modern Art in MQ has a largish collection. Nothing really stands out. Some nice Liechtenstein. Special show on “portraits”,
which is not too exciting. Some funky “participatory” art in the basement, guys smearing each other with paint in quite unhealthy fashion.

Leopold-museum is shut on tuesdays. Bugger.

Outside MQ is a small expo of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s “Earth from Above”-pictures. The shop does not accept anything but cold cash, so purchases limited to a book of postcards. Have to look up his books in Amazon, later… And the show’s headed toward Helsinki next year.

Dali in Palais Pallavicini. Small gallery concentrating on statues and illustration. My first ever Dali-show. Nothing short of great. And they allow pictures,
too, without flash, of course. Turns out that Helsinki also has a Dali-centennial expo this summer… Something to do before end of the month, certainly.

Off to airport in time for some shopping (sausages, sacher and eiswein) and some rest in the DC lounge.