Aug 302004

Bought a 40GB iPod. The interface is glorious in its simplicity. Though it takes a while to figure out volume control…

Manual’s not too good, managed to wipe out the content (one measly cd ripped during the trip) after installing iTunes to another computer. Feel stupid, and it’s not all because of lack of sleep. Have to look for additional info on the subject. Either on the software cd or web.

It’s gonna take a while deploying favorite music on this.

Aug 292004

Watched most of it.

Watered-down from the comic. Especially the early days. Bill Murray not bad as voice of Garfield. One of the other cats is a very good spitting image of my sister’s older cat. Jennifer Love Hewitt is cute. Movie just lacklustre, but probably a hit with kids.

Aug 292004

Watched most of it, since this was the second time I saw it. Sound was horrible, and the headphones even worse than usual.

Stiller & Wilson are good. Vaughn campy, and Snoop Doggy Dogg pretty much steals the show.

At times tries to be too funny and post-modern, but for the most of time it’s a decent replica of a bad 70′s cop show.

Aug 292004

Saw it no less than three times on the trip. Bless the airlines. Curse the lousy headphones.

Not as good as the first, but a decent movie nonetheless. With tons and tons of references to other movies and other pop culture, it almost gets distracting at times.

Jennifer Saunders excels as the wicked fairy godmother, but none of the other guest stars are bad at all. And Antonio Banderas as the Puss in Boots has some genuinely good moments.

Aug 292004

A decent trip indeed. But sure am glad that it’s over. Highlights below, movies seen as separate entries.

Croatian food. No croatian beer to go on the side, unfortunately. Would’ve suited the meaty dish perfectly.

Autobahn. MB 180. No Kraftwerk on CD. On any gas station visited. Just local music and David Hasselhoff.

Monkfish tastes almost like lobster. Went to the top of the worthy-seafood- list. Clam chowder retains its position on the top of appetizers-to-consider- list. And the Coney Island variety is not bad at all (uses tomato soup as basis).

Mahi-mahi is good as well. All in all ate a lot of good seafood on the trip.

Experienced a midnight fire alarm. It’s even worse than in Lost in Translation. At first I was sure the noise was my fault, and looked in vain for the offending item. Then had horrible trouble locating my trousers and room key. In the end it there was no fire and was able to retire again soon.

Fought with ticket vending machines that refused to dispose tokens for my bills, but more than happy to exchange them to coins.

Flew five hours while flu’ed. Never good. Even with a good amount of anti-histamins. Had my left ear locked up for five days. Colleagues were somewhat worried about me, but refused to see a doctor since I wasn’t running a fever. Serpe’s statement sums up the situation on the fourth day: “today you don’t sound like you’re dying.”

Lots of japanese food. Including some fried ones as appetizers.

Neverlost should be available in all rental cars.

Vanilla coke is still good. Even as light-version. And ought to be available in Finland as well. Mountain Dew’s red soda is not (cherry is not my favorite taste).

Aug 162004

Decided I’m not geeky enough without a serious record-collecting niche.

Since Garbage still has no best of b-sides collection (or any kinda collection whatsoever), they are the band I’ll try and amass all singles of. Nope. Not singles, songs. Their discography shows way too many individual versions of their singles. Begin with the World is not enough, my favorite Bond-tune of all time.

Aug 152004

No swimming, plenty of sauna, friends I hadn’t seen in ages, drunken bastards, sleeping in = your average b-day party.

Was good indeed. Water was shallow and I wimped out. Two saunas, one good – warmed with wood and the other had a stove on which puddles formed.

Aug 132004

Saw Moore’s new film. Scary picture of the american establishment and of the man in charge. Or a little boy run by his dad’s cronies, if this film is to be believed.

Film starts off good, with some excellent cringe-inducers included in very good taste, but turns to social porn towards the end (disintegration of a fallen soldier’s family).

As a movie, not entirely successful. And no, not because I’m cuddling an inner republican – no, at times it could have been a lot spikier. And no, not because I’m a hometheater dweeb who cannot stand lousy picture quality – no, the movie has a lot of television cutouts. Just because it’s not a very good movie. Brilliant exposés are followed by slow parts that turn into even slower parts.

But everyone ought to see this movie. Especially americans.

Went to Teerenpeli afterwards. Turns out that their toasts have increased in size (and lost some topping-choices) while retaining their taste. Also turns out that two is too many for two people, would have fed a decent-sized family with that amount of bread.

Aug 112004

Saw Velvet Revolver in the old ice hall.

Was good, very good indeed.

Warmed up by Helsinki rockers with a long history behind them: Hybrid Children. Who played extremely loud and had turned from playing Misfits to quasi-glam. Watched a couple of songs and went for a beer after that. Glad I was packing earplugs.

VR took to the stage pretty much like Gunners did (same announcer?). And proceeded to play quality rock’n'roll for some ninety-odd minutes. Never saw any of the performers in their previous bands, so Scott Weiland’s antics (leather cap, snake-like motion and use of bullhorn) was kinda shocking. Slash hadn’t changed since olden days, but Duff was in firmly in the scarily-good-shape-like-Iggy Pop-condition.

Set list as follows:

Sucker Train Blues
Do It For The Kids
(did not recognize this one, but it's from Contraband)
It's So Easy
Fall To Pieces
(missed this one too :-(  )
Set Me Free
Used To Love Her
Sex Type Thing
Mr. Brownstone

Indeed, two Pilots songs, three from Gunners and one from Sex Pistols. No ultra-classics from Gn’R, no Attitude. But still a good concert, nonetheless.

Bought a shirt. Not great, but good. Just like the band.

Aug 092004

Yeah. Work is still work. Colleagues still colleagues. Could be much much worse.

Missed the obligatory “let’s go for a beer immediately after work” due to being caught up with something or the other. Sucks. But there will be others.

Aug 082004

Yet one more movie this week. Vares, the finnish action-detective story.

A lot. I mean, a lot, better than I thought. Story flows nicely, but what really makes the movie are the characters, and actors behind them. Especially Jasper Pääkkönen, whose rather unqualified driver shows that they guy has a lot more to give than is first apparent. Juha Veijonen in the starring role also puts on a great performance. But the prizes are stolen by the hapless criminals – good characters, even better dialogue.

Yeah. Color me surprised, never expected to like it this much. And with lots of Reijo Mäki’s books available, this could be the start of a franchise…

Aug 052004

Easily summarized: Elvis and JFK (who is black) fight a cowboy-clad mummy in a retirement home.

Indeed, Bruce Campbell puts on a good show as King of Rock’n'Roll. The story (by Joe Lansdale) is simple, but the movie enjoyable nonetheless. Has two (supposedly very good) comment tracks, but I’ll listen to them later.

Aug 042004

Spent a couple of hours in the scorching (+26 and counting) heat tossing frisbee around. Just throwing, not pretending to play ultimate or anything, but even that’s exercise aplenty.

Aug 022004

Went to see this before it’s cast out from big screens by Harry Potter (late arrival in Finland).

Was good, very good. Story’s nothing special, but the swinging-on-the-web parts are, as is Alfred Molina as the tortured adversary.

And looking good for part 3 in the near future, the saga continues.

The trailer for Anacondas looks spectacularly bad.

Aug 022004

Saw the tour’s last gig at Molly’s.

Subdued. Crowded. Bough their new CD and spoke with the guys. They’re sadly not considering returning until next summer. But invited us to their homebase (Dubliner) in Stockholm where they play on a regular basis. Have to give it serious thought.