Nov 302004

Two weeks in a blur. Not too busy. Not too pissed off. Just distracted and bored out of my skull. Hence the lack of updates. However, here’s a kaleidoscope of memories from the unwritten period:

Saw Rammstein in Hjallis-arena. Was good. Kewl had scored good seats. Lots of pyro. There’s bound to be a setlist somewhere in the web. Proof is left as an exercise to the reader. And any pointers towards the kiddie-choir version of Engel played after the lights came on after the show are gleefully accepted.

Survived office christmas party. Missed most of the band. And the whole stand-up comic session. Former was said to have been not bad, and the latter truly excellent. Too bad. La Tour turned out not to
be an utter hellhole, but ain’t going to turn into a regular haunt either.

Missed Jonna at Tavastia mainly due to the above but also the fact that it seems to have been sold out.

Bought Paranoia XP, which finally turned up in Finland.

Probably had my first ever packet loss in eBay. Not too bad, the item was a whole three and a half quid worth, with about the same amount of postage. The seller has positive karma up the wazoo, so foul play is pretty much ruled out.

Ate decent, and very reasonably priced, tapas at Bar Celona on Mikonkatu. A return is guaranteed, and the buffet lunch seems to be an even better deal.

Watched Scarface on dvd, and was surprised how much more sense it makes without cuts. Or when you’re no longer 15 year old and have more of an attention span.

Got snowed on, and lately rained on, multiple times.

Noted that Aaro has
evolved (or devolved) into pix-blogging and that Allan is back in business.

Experienced joy over the dadaistic expressivity in lehti. This is better than real news.

AK-47 got hurt, which probably also hurts the hopes of gloriously begun season of Haagan Hakkapeliitat. Time to go PF-shopping for the while.

Saw no movies.

Played some more San Andreas. San Fierro is open, after a grievous battle with an oversteering sportscar in a twisting mountain trail.

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