Dec 262004

Spent three days in snowed-in Vapaala (the term is used very loosely, but at least the ground was white).

Ate a lot. Ham, turkey, buns, gingerbread, smoked salmon, pickled herring, mustard, dried cranberries. The usual. And some of the unusual as well.

Took a long sauna. Chilled out with my sister’s cats. Took some pictures, but wind and long exposures in the dark no not bode well for the pictures of lanterns. Picked up magazines left unread for too
long. Noted that we have at least one extra Corydoras gossei (goldhead cory) in the aquarium – a chance spawning seems to be the most credible explanation.

Read the new book by Ilkka Remes. Gate to Hiroshima gets off on a tangent a couple of times during the story (a very sudden X-files turn is jarring, but explained decently), but manages to remain readable and entertaining most of the while. So, a decent techno-thriller, and of such zeitgeisty-topics that a movie-deal or a tv mini-series would not be out of the question – the tale twists and turns in a fashion that would suit 24 pretty well. Apart from the let’s
remain in L.A. for the duration part. The third season of 24 begins in a week, supposedly on tuesdays.

Read Harri Nykänen’s new book as well. Ariel mixes the laconic Helsinki underworld so familiar from the six-book Raid-continuum with international politics and specifically the touchy israel/arabs-question. And keeps the mixture fresh enough to hook readers from page one. Good show, good enough that a sequel might not be out of the question.

Played a couple of games of Carcassonne (a review in finnish), the first game translated by the enterprising
folks. And jolly good fun it was, too. Played with my parents, who’ve never been exposed to modern board games, and the game was indeed a success. More games to follow, more small towns in southern France to found.

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