Jan 012005

No big anniversaries here. The blog is now nine months and three days old. Or 241 entries old. Depends on the perspective I guess.

So that was 2004. And it wasn’t a bad year by any count:

  • Visited Japan for the first time (and intend to go back).
  • Visited Boston for the first time (and intend to go back there as well ).
  • Went to Vienna for Utah European
    meeting and got volunteered to organize the next one in Helsinki this spring.
  • Read many good books and comics.
  • Gave up coding at work (and devolved into a project manager).
  • Started looking for a decent therapy-project due to above.
  • Saw Velvet Revolver, Metallica and Rammstein live.
  • Introduced unsuspecting foreigners to joys of Nypykät.
  • Got dumped twice (by some reckoning, and in decently mature fashion).
  • Saw a lot of good movies: Collateral takes top honors.
  • Started blogging.
  • Bought my first ever CMX record.
  • Was disappointed by several usually reliable authors (full exposure to follow).
  • Went to Barcelona, saw lots of funky architecture by Gaudi, ate excellent paella and saw a football game with some 70000 other people.
  • Bought fewer dvds and cds than last year. But the backlog of the fromer is still formidable.
  • Was not tempted at all to use a readymade content management tool.
  • Noted that I don’t recall having been to Tavastia the whole year.

Well, the last point ain’t going to be repeated, as a visit to see the 69 Eyes is lined up for today…

Any new year’s resolutions are firmly kept in the virtual strongbox.

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