Feb 132005

Not totally silent any more. Speaking is now actually quite painless, but the tone is still on the low side. My absolute tonedeafness prevents estimation of quite low exactly.

More Martin. More KotOR. More lazy lounging on the sofa (the little red triangles in antihistamins do work).

Stumbled upon this, a pretty credible subdivision of the US. Quite a few regions I’d
probably hate to live in.

Had forgotten how good old Sepultura actually was. And by old I mean “Schizophrenia” from 1987. And by good I mean “unlike the latest few albums, and thus actually very listenable”. Had underestimated the quality of the new Apocalyptica record, much better than was apparent on first couple of rounds. And not only the vocal-accompanied tracks, some of the instrumentals on this (like Farewell) rank among the best of their output thus far. Also played too much Pet Shop Boys for comfort. But only as shelled out by the ipod.

boingboing pointed towards a good article about H.P. Lovecraft on Salon.

Yet another blogger dismissed due to extracurricular online outputs.

Showing that imitation is indeed the strongest form of flattery, a cheap replica of the ONE TRUE SOURCE has
arrived onto the web [Neither makes any sense unless you speak finnish, I'm afraid].

Noted from Empire that Angelo Badalamenti (yah, the guy behind the uncanny soudscape of most David Lynch’s movies) is the composer of A Very Long Engagement’s soundtrack. If he hasn’t strayed too badly from his old mainstays, this is definitely a record to pick up, one of these days. Still haven’t seen the movie, either.

EDIT 18.8.2008: maamme.fi is gone.

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