Aug 252005

The constantly improving Escapist-magazine has not one but two extremely interesting articles in its newest issue. One on the current state of interactive fiction, the other on Planescape: Torment, still one of the best-written games there ever has been.

Slashdot (from which the previous was nabbed as well) provides a review of this year’s GenCon. However, it’s very shallow on content, and a lot of the named games have already been released. The ever-reliable GamingReview provides much better coverage.

Gamespot has a nice, albeit short, review of easter eggs in gaming. Ranging from classic to obscure, via the ego-stroking variant, it’s an interesting read. But the attendant forum just fails to work.

Dennis Detwiller’s ransomed Insylum is out. And the fund for the next one is open, and progressing towards the goal. The surprising success of the model has evoked a largish thread on the fora. To a mixed response: the actual ratio between freeloaders and interested patrons is thus far unresolved. And yeah, I’m a card-carrying pledged member of the latter caste.

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