Aug 302005

Indeed, went ahead and bought new laptop. A 12″ iBook to be exact. Of the new generation (with a bigger disk, and slightly faster CPU). Of the generation that’s had some supply difficulties – so I’m not exactly in possession of the computer yet. But will, soonest. Or so they reassured me.

Why a mac?

Take your pick of the following, or mix together well in a blender before consumption.

  • Had my fill of struggling against Windows in its various guises.
  • Desired to try out whether OS X is worth its rep.
  • Had my fill of struggling against Linux on desktop.
  • Just plain wanted to try out something new.
  • I like the design of the macs.
  • Wanted a well-designed GUI with a proven CLI.
  • Palm has had its day and been replaced with Moleskine.
  • It isn’t going to be the primary computer of the house anyhow.
  • You can use a multibutton mouse.

I think the nonsense-list of OS X apps will come in very handy.

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