Aug 302005

The irregularly scheduled batch of things recently popping like the weasel.

  • Jason Kottke has seen the light, and moved to embed his links in the flow of the text.
  • There are never too many pictures of cats. Even of cats in sinks.
  • Second issue of Usva is out.
  • Rod Smallwood, Iron Maiden’s manager has wise words to say about the San Bernardino debacle.
  • The story of the original Macintosh graphing calculator is nothing but amazing in its display of persistence.
  • Language policeman has been deployed to improve the use of finnish (and only finnish) in blogs.
  • A cruel list of the top cancelled games of all time. A lot of quality has clearly gone down the drain and been replaced by an endless stream of sequels.

EDIT 24.8.2008: The comments on Maiden are no longer at the old URL.

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