Jan 012006

This is how I remember things. Which means that there’s probably a few stray facts and loose interpretations. Not going to link to individual entries, browse the archives if really interested.

  • Went to the dark side. I’m officially no longer an engineer, rather than a manager.
  • Guns ‘n Roses’ Chinese Democracy did not appear.
  • Travelled far less than expected / desired. Did not enter Iceland in Reykjavik airport – merely passed through.
  • Found my inner Jamie Oliver on a couple of occasions.
  • Was one of the very few to appreciate the blogs published by Helsingin Sanomat.
  • Went OS X.
  • Updated the amplifier after a long struggle with noise.
  • Discovered the joy of old skool notebooks (Moleskine rules) after misplacing my T3.
  • Was way too lazy to consider really updating to a real blogging system.
  • Continued to appreciate the weekly hairy animal therapy sessions given by my sister’s cats.
  • Got a camera phone finally. And was pleasantly surprised by the image quality.
  • Returned to the aquaria-owner fold.
  • Was quite thoroughly clotheslined by the copyright-related stupidities exhibited by the finnish parliament and Sony/BMG.
  • Failed to finish Hamlet, it’s quite impenetrable reading in english.
  • Fulfilled new year’s resolution #x (live music once a month).
  • Fulfilled new year’s resolution #y (movie once a month), but only on averages – there were some months without cinema.

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