Apr 102006

Recently unsuspecting surfers have arrived here on top of the following waves:

“stamp’n go shanty”
And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Any band that interjects theme songs from seventies swedish kids’ tv shows into irish classics is a friend of mine.
spinrad viral or distribution or shareware he walked among us
Still haven’t printed out the book, still haven’t even sought for a print-yer-own-book-service in Helsinki.
No reason to smile. Do you find that fun?
Random torrents and subtitles.
Which they won’t find here.
Occasional image searches.
mainly concentrating on PSP and Muppet Stamp.

Missed out a couple of entertaining ones, since sitemeter lists only the last hundred for free. But like I said: bo-ring. Go view Lotta’s list (in the right sidebar) – much more fun, right?

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