Jun 032006

Musicians in the Hofbräuhaus

Had dinner at aboslutely humongous Ratskeller-restaurant. Not kidding, this place easily would fit hundreds upon hundreds of hungry customers. Not in a single hall, but spread around the mazy interior. The reunion program promises plenty of wurst in the days to come, so chose a schnitzel instead. Served in the Viennese style, no capers/anchovy and mashed potatoes replaced with potato salad. A reasonably soft landing into german cuisine.

Visited the legendary Hofbräuhaus for a couple of their products. And was surprised at the more than subdued atmosphere. Turns out that the real rowdy deal is downstairs, and we’d hit the rather quiet restaurant upstairs by mistake. Oh well, nothing that cannot be rectified on a later visit.

Another boon of staying in the InterCity is the free municipal transport provided – trams and two kinds of subways crisscross the city, making this an easy place to navigate.

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