Jul 222006

Saw the sequel to the sleeper hit of 2003. It’s a decent movie, but so painfully obviously the tough “middle part” of a trilogy that it’s at times awkward to watch.

Not a bad movie by any means, but far less entertaining than it could have been. The lead actors repeat their roles from the first part – Johnny Depp still hams it up as Captain Jack, but hasn’t really added anything to the character since the last outing. So, it’s Mr. Davy Jones who ends up leading the pack – Bill Nighy’s great as the drowned sailor who has ended up an imitation of Cthulhu, with an octopus for a beard.

Plot-wise this resembles a video game, in uncomfortably many ways. The main storyline is a haphazardly put together quest from one location to the other, and it’s neatly supplemented by visually excellent action scenes that are easily translatable into an interactive form. And the whole thing just reeks of the venerable LucasArts’ Monkey Island tetralogy of adventure games.

The third, and probably final part of the movie will be out next summer. As far as Disney is to be trusted, the two were shot back to back.

The movie has a long credit sequence, and the ten seconds of additional movie footage is not really worth it. Unlike X3, which supposedly has a very significant add-on post-credits.

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