Oct 222006

No bicycling hereWhile Singapore is indeed a “fine country” – in the sense of any anti-social behaviour being frowned on at S$500 and upwards, it also provides some surreal signs. And this is not a dig on the english-fu of the locals, which is for the most part nothing less than frighteningly good. No – these items stand alone due to their strangeness (or the name that is funny from a finnish perspective).

The first sign is off an underpass near the Raffles’ Landing Site, and quite sensibly placed. The underpass is not wide enough to accommodate bikers and pedestrians going both ways.

Station sign in two languages/scripts

The second sign is off an MRT station, and shows that the locals take multicultural roots seriously, signs are done in several scripts – here’s an example of just one.

Jeweler:  KamalaThe next sign is from Little India. And the name funny in finnish only, and not terribly so in that language either.

Religious ThingsI’m a regular abuser of the word “thing”, but so is this guy, who promises to deliver flower arrangements for many occasions. Including prayer things. Wonderfully vague, and thus adaptable to any religion on the island.

Molly Malone'sMolly Malone’s is probably the most common name for a bar in the world. Singapore has one such, next to the Boat Quauy. No irish expats, nor anybody else around on a quiet sunday morning.

Mushroom Cuppuccino Winter Season in SingaporeThe last two signs are just plain wrong.

Mushroom soup and cappuccino ought to be kept separate. By law if necessary.

Singapore is located a whopping 1.5 degrees north of the equator. Meaning that no seasons worth mentioning exist. At least in the scandinavian sense. Still, the local entrepreneurs were rapidly moving into the winter season in clothing.

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