Jan 012007

So, 2006. How was it?

  • As noted here ad nauseam, visited Australia, and liked it a lot.
  • Went to Munich for the Utah European Alumni meeting.
  • Saw Metallica in Tallinn, Guns n’ Roses in Hartwalll Areena and Dropkick Murphys twice.
  • Read a lot.
  • Devolved further at work: managerial epithets include salesman, hustler and rock star.
  • Started geocaching.
  • Managed to keep two recurring new year’s resolutions: live music and a movie once a month (on averages, october turned out to be too challenging schedulewise).
  • Hooked up with lots of old and current friends and colleagues in Linkedin.
  • Snorkelled for the first time ever.
  • Was surprised by the Nokia / Siemens merger.
  • Blogged a lot (688 entries) here, and never got the fishblog restarted.
  • Upgraded my camera.
  • Did not upgrade my phone (waiting for the n95).
  • Bought my first biking helmet.
  • Chinese Democracy did not see daylight.

Previous retrospectives available for 2005 and 2004.

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