Jul 242007

Richard Linklater‘s Fast Food Nation never made it to the big screen in Finland. As a non-practicing fanboy of the director, had to pick this one up on dvd.

It’s an odd movie – lots of disjoint plot threads that are executed side by side, without a satisfactory finale that ties the strings together in a neat knot. While based on Eric Schlosser’s book of the same name, it’s nowhere near as scary as the source. The new plot devices do add some drama to the movie, but they also violently dilute the main message: meat industry’s questionable practices. But without the Greg Kinnear-starring arc that ties the story together, this would have been without a guiding light at all.

The book beats the movie by sheer imagery – descriptions of spoiled meat-induced misery trumps Avril Lavigne as a budding eco-terrorist any day of the week. The cast is wide – but apart from a few actors the characters are seen just once or twice.

It’s not a bad film by any means, just one that tries to cover too many bases at once, and ends up uncomfortably spreadeagled inbetween.

Read the book – it’s far better than this mediocrity.

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