Jul 242007

Dusk, just before the sun starts climbing up againSpent an extended weekend at my cousin’s place in Nivala.
Chilled out appropriately – with proper wood-stoved sauna every night and meals whose meat-index crosses ten. Altogether a pleasant visit, and it’s always a bonus to be able to catch up on family affairs in one go.

Took the train up north, and was once again impressed by the paperless web-ticketing offered by VR. A quiet car (as provided by Amtrak) would be a welcome invention in Finland as well, most travelers seem less than willing to cut down on their quality time on mobile phone (or to use the per-compartment sound-proofed booth). Train back to Helsinki was split into two parts, just like back in 2005. This time had a seat on the first batch of cars, luckily.

Rather mystifying is the fact that the ubiquitous info-screens in the trains are not put into much use at all, especially on the IC-trains they basically serve as placeholders for signs – considering the odd stops between stations and related deviations from schedule it would be good to know how late the vehicles actually are.

Ostrobothnian flatlands
Again forgot to use the camera much – the traditional midnight dusk is attached.

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