Nov 182007

A semi-flu has occupied my vocal cords – and thus my brogue has gone down an octave or two (depending on the time of the day). No fever worth mentioning, no overarching world of hurt. Just a nagging feeling that someone turned my personal clock frequency down. Big time.

Been reading an excellent account of the first days of the Colonial Provincial Authority-led occupation of Iraq – it’s no wonder that Imperial Life in the Emerald City was immediately optioned for a movie.

Increased my elf cap ownership by one. It’s not often that christmas parties take this good care of participants.

Gave a healthy amount of props to Läkerol candy. In addition to being pleasantly non-sequitur in their advertising, the drops are excellent cough sootheners.

Haven’t had much inclination to blog or play. Expect return to form next week on the former, and probably latter as well.

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