Nov 192007

Everybody need some time, and with these links it’s easily spent.

  • The release of Amazon’s electronic book draws close, if Steven Levy’s Newsweek article is to be believed (and yeah, hopefully it’s the lead article of the international edition as well).
  • Jesper Juul has written a thorough history of matching tile games. Doesn’t sound too exciting, until the list is perused: Tetris, Bejeweled, Puzzle Bobble, and many others whose addictive qualities would be cause for banning in most european states.
  • History of digital tampering is much longer than expected – beginning with an overlaid image of Abraham Lincoln back in 1860s.
  • Somehow the feature wishlist for next Windows release (codenamed “7″) is more than a little bit underwhelming.
  • Not being allowed to die in the house of parliament has justifiably been voted to be the most ludicrous law in Britain.
  • Cost of the Iraq War? About 1.3 trillion dollars. So far.
  • Domo Arigato, Battleship Legoto.
  • An eponymous site lists the recognized biodiversity hotspots of the world.
  • = charity and vocabulary enhancement. I so need to establish a firm presence above level 40.

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