Nov 192007

This week’s fiver is all about television, and nothing but the television.

1. Do you watch television on an actual television, a computer screen, or some other gadget?
I do. On my aging Sony 29-incher right now, soon to be upgraded to a proper LCD monster.

2. Do you own a digibox?

If yes: why? what kind of? when did you get it? If no: why not? any plans on getting one? I do. A proper Procaster DVR. It’s almost two years old. The previous bare bones Handan I bartered to a bottle of quality whiskey.

3. Do you subscribe to any pay-channels, or just watch the regular fare?
Canal+. Planning on picking two or three months of Viasat on account of weekly NFL-coverage.

4. What’d'ya think… Will mobile television ever make it big?
Sure it will, but not before the government gets it act together about the fees.

5. Do you pay the television ownership fee?
I do. More out of convenience than anything.

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