Nov 242007

Today was the first presso-less saturday in ages. That is, if the paper’s summer hiatus is discounted. And from where I’m sitting, it definitely is.

Presso didn’t go down all nice and quiet – the border of the front page was a very long (and surprisingly spiteless) message in a very tiny font indeed, as reported in M&M.

So long Presso, it won’t be long before you’re joined by Taloussanomat. Which completes the root cause of my saturday morning dilemma – what’s a decent, tabloid-sized, yet intelligent paper to read over the breakfast?

Also noted that the 2007 has not been kind on my regular reads: there’s now three magazines down – Business2.0 being the third. The only replacement found thus far is for that. And the said replacement, Fast Company, is on probation only thus far.

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