Nov 272007

Today’s biggest news item in the finnish blogosphere was the acquisition of by Sanoma Oy.

Thus this week’s fiver is all about the site that just got sold.

1. What do you think of blogilista?
It’s a useful aggregator, that’s probably done more good for the finnish blogging scene than any other domestic site.

That said, it really could do with an editor. The list is full of blogs that have died a quiet death or been stillborn.

2. Do you use it to monitor blogs?
I do. Have done for the last three-four years, and haven’t really evolved to using just a single RSS-reader.

3. What do you think about the acquisition?
No idea. I haven’t paid any attention to what happened to other sites that have been bought by Sanoma.

4. What do you think the future holds for Blogilista?
More advertisements, that’s a pretty safe bet.

5. Do you use any other domestic blog-portal? (Do you know whether there are even any others than blogispotti?)
I don’t. And I’ve never looked at blogispotti before…

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