Nov 272007

Hartwall has been quite good with introductions to their 1836-family lately.

The white lager was easily the best new finnish beer last summer, and the two darker entries (porter and all malt) are not bad either.

The first seasonal trial (octoberfest), on the other hand, was surprisingly uninteresting. There’s been many more involved interpretations of the topic, and as such this one seemed insignificant.

The newest entry in the family is chocolate porter, and it turns out to be very choclate-y indeed. The taste lingers on the border of being artificial or sweet, and manages to stay on the correct side. Though I’m sure the drink will have dozens of detractors who claim this is a hideous defacing of reinheitsgebot. Right now the porter is available in limited edition only (two cans + two glasses), but will be globally supplied after 2008 rolls in.

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