Apr 262008

Two entries from wikipedia took me back to the early eighties earlier this week.

One of the very first (if not even the first) Lucky Luke albums I ever owned was The Rivals of Painful Gulch. The story concerned itself with two families on the warpath due to alleged slights committed way lower on the branches of the respective family trees. I thought that this was yet another neat idea brought forward by the script-writing machine known as René Goscinny, until a casual reference during a game a couple of weeks ago alluded that the plot might have been based on a real-life incident. True enough, with a bit of gentle prodding, the wikipedia spilled its guts on the long-ranging Hatfield-McCoy feud waged in the eastern backcountry for a dozen years.

The other nostalgia-inducing article was on Sunfish, the biggest bony fish known to science, and known as möhkäkala in finnish. Back when I was an ten-year old and avid borrower of animal-books in the Helsinki libraries, I was pretty sure this critter (and especially its supposed size) was just a joke on readers – no fish could be of that unearthly shape, and especially not at that weight class. Turns out that no joke was involved, and that the ichthyologists of the world are not truly aware of the life cycle of this docile beast.

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