Aug 042008

RestorationAs indicated in the archives in the sidebar, I’ve begun to integrate old blog entries into the wordpress-hosted database.

There are a few reasons for this. The current monthly archives are not optimized for findability.
Especially during the first years the engine was not really optimalfunctional, and as such there are somewhat serious issues with the quality of the pages. And while the lack of support for categories in the old engine may seem like a small thing, it comes in very useful as the number of entries grows (and at 2500+ right now, it’s rather a sore spot).

The first entries have been manually transferred, I’m pretty sure the latter content can be imported automagically via the help of a precision-aimed RSS-generator.

I won’t delete the old archives, and existing URIs should be as valid as before. Also the images will be available in the current locations.

There’s no real ETA for the process.

  2 Responses to “Restoring the past, one entry at a time (at least initially)”

  1. Heh! I did similar kind of project, when I brought old photo of a week photos into my blog with proper dates. However those old posts have so little textual content on them that now I’ve started new project, where I try to compress content into smaller number of posts. As an concrete example of this, I put weeks 45-48 from 2004 (=Nov 2004) into one post with flash slideshow instead of four posts and I’ve added some content for that article.

  2. I’m trying to preserve the authentic entries as is. Just fixing the most blatant typos and removing defunct links.

    It’s surprisingly slow work.

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