Aug 242008

This might be a harbinger of something good and big.

Or perhaps the market is just not ready for a wordy and thorough science fiction magazine.

The evolution to a quarterly from a monthly is a double-edged sword. On one hand it allows for much bigger feature articles, on the other this means that it cannot as effectively function as a source of news. Then again, in the age of internet and twentythree second lead times, no magazine can.

So I’m not worried about the schedule change, but the proposed arrival of two new magazines that “will be specialist interest magazines that will share much in common with Death Ray” may dilute the impact of the flagship magazine somewhat. But as nothing has been revealed of the new duo, not even their subjects, worrying would indeed be premature at this stage.

The last monthly issue of Death Ray, #15, hasn’t yet reached Helsinki, but ought to, next week.

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