Sep 072008

This week’s photo friday challenge is ordinary.

Photo Friday 5.9.2008:  Ordinary

In Helsinki, there’s hardly a more ordinary largish bird than a seagull (with the small birds, the pick goes to the less and less common sparrow).

This is one of the images I took when testdriving the 70-300 zoom lens, and was satisfied enough to purchase it.

  3 Responses to “Photo Friday 5.9.2008: Ordinary”

  1. I came here from the photo friday site. I love this entry. I’m a huge bird fan and happily feed many sparrows:) each day in my backyard. I am camera hunting now and I am dreaming of taking shots like this!

  2. You know these black-headed seagulls are getting more rare nowadays, fi.wikipedia knows: “Naurulokki on uhanalaistarkastelussa sijoitettu nykyään luokkaan vaarantuneet lajit (VU). Laji on vähentynyt huomattavasti, ja suuret yhdyskunnat ovat lähes kadonneet”.

  3. Nope. Didn’t know. Figured that it is and will remain a menace, but I guess it’s the other seagull species that are mainly to blame for the bad reputation of the family.

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