Nov 172008

Pooh the CatfishPooh the catfish (of Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps species), the longest-lived pet in the Lavonius clan has owned, moved to new quarters today.

And that’s not an euphemism for a relocation to a convenient body of water. Even though the hardy catfish have spread quite a bit beyond the original range of Amazon on account of the aquatic trade, the finnish winter would probably overwhelm them (though I do recall an article about a tropical catfish found in a swedish lake, but cannot obviously find it now).

Nope, the fifteen+ year old loricariid that had slowly overgrown its 250 liter quarters was given a new home by the friendly folks at Leppävaario. Eaxctly the place where I bought the pleco in 1993. Then its length was close to two inches, when measured a couple of weeks ago it had grown to twelve (tail omitted).

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