Jan 022009

As is the tradition, the various things that happened this year are retrospected here:

  • Moved to Nokia (as a product manager for Maemo’s developer offering) following a severe disillusionment at NSN.
  • Remained thoroughly assimilated into the biggest social network of the web.
  • Guns n’ Roses Chinese Democracy came out
  • Had my first ever article in the movie pages of Hesari, where sadly the game-related job opportunities have dwindled following the redesign of Nyt-supplement.
  • Visited two new countries: Russia and Greece.
  • Didn’t visit the US (for the first time in a decade if I recall correctly).
  • Played a lot of Scrabble (in various guises) in Facebook.
  • Had a lousy winter, a mediocre summer and a very long fall.
  • Measured my carbon footprint and noted that a carnivorous lifestyle is a far greater sin than commuting by car.
  • Fulfilled new year’s resolutions #1 and #2 (a movie and live music at least once a month).
  • Saw 12 movies at R&A (but missed Espoo Cine totally).
  • Blogged a lot, and semi-manually imported old archives into the wordpress engine.
  • Bought my first DSLR, and got addicted to extra lenses immediately. Haven’t equipment-binged since July.
  • Did very little therapy-coding.
  • Was elected Vice President of the European alumni at the annual Utah reunion (which is good since VPs, as we all know, can shoot people in the face without fear of repercussions).
  • Didn’t upgrade my flat on account of the ever-worsening financial circumstances (I so need to get rid of the old one before splurging for a bigger apartment).
  • World did not end when LHC was started up.
  • Didn’t buy a second aquarium, a pinball machine or even any game consoles.
  • Got really lazy geocaching.

No links. The archives are now fully functional and search works better than expected.

Previous years’ analyses are also available:
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