Feb 192009

Sealife Helsinki:  Reef tankIt’s been years and years since the Sealife Helsinki aquarium was opened. Last Embarrassingly enough, last Saturday was the first time I visited it.

The aquarium is housed in a large building next to Linnanmäki amusement park, and is certainly easy enough to reach.

The selection is pretty much confined to fish and occasional invertebrates – no penguins, no seals and especially no whales.

Sealife Helsinki:  Shark
Inmates range from the typical (large swarms of cardinal tetras) to seldom seen (cold water rays), via oddballs (trumpetfish). This year’s theme is sharks, and there are a plenty of them on show – though they are from the small end of the range.

Compared to the likes of New England Aquarium and the one in Barcelona the Sealife Helsinki is a small establishment with around forty tanks. Twoof which are large enough to walk around (or even through). A few are embedded in walls with bulbous extensions providing visibility into the usually odd inmates.

Sealife Helsinki:  Tiger shovelnose catfish

Sealife Helsinki:  Bottom-dwelling sharks

Sealife Helsinki:  Baby ray

  2 Responses to “Sealife Helsinki”

  1. Been there 3 times… But no T-shirt.

    For me, it was the first time seen Jellyfish! With UV lighting! Magical.

    I wonder if UV causes mutations in Jellyfish.

  2. Forgot about jellyfish. They were cool indeed.

    I saw them first in Boston (easily half a dozen tanks), so it wasn’t a revelation.

    The pictures of them didn’t turn out too well, altogether I was rather disappointed with the speed of the kit lens, a lot of the images turned out to have movement in them. Time to go shopping.

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