Mar 302009

Not to be.

A place in the virtual NHL finals, that is.

Lost the semifinal 3-7 to the fourth seed.

No single factor doomed Hakkapeliitat.

Goalies could have been a little more sure-handed. I could have played Slava Kozlov when he scored 2+1 for Thrashers. Dustin Brown could have actually been productive.

But such is the game, a great regular season comes to naught when the playoffs begin.

On to the bronze game. After all, the third place in this league is won, not lost.

Mar 302009

Two things combined today to cause grief:

  • I got a remindered bill from my service provider, alluding that I hadn’t paid the original in appropriate time.
  • disappeared from DNS.

Combined, this was spooky indeed.

Turns out that the two were completely unrelated. The bill was indeed a spurious one, and the disappearance was due to an “unspecified name service accident” at the service providers premises.

Happily enough normal service was restored within a couple of hours.

Mar 292009
Five by fd

Five by fd (CC)

This blog is five years old today.

There are now 3335 entries, which results in about 1.8 entries per day. But trends-wise the posting frequency has increased a lot, with about 970 entries written during the last twelve months.

The by far biggest change in the blog thus far, the move to WordPress as the publishing engine was completed last year – and now the full archives are accessible without resorting to the HTML wrung out by rather buggy homegrown system.

The next proposed changes concern easier findability of entries. Some of the categories are just too bloated for their own good, and need splitting up for easier access.

Content-wise I don’t dare to promise anything big for the next five year plan. After all, this is pretty much nothing more than a therapeutic exercise, and nowhere even close to work.

Mar 292009

Män som hatar kvinnor posterWatched the very recently released first part of a trilogy based Stieg Larsson’s Millennium books: Niels Arden Oplev’s take on Män som hatar kvinnor, Miehet jotka vihaavat naisia in finnish and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in english. I had doubts about being able to fit a 600+ page book into 150 minutes (and leaving room to provide some extra continuity for the later parts), but the movie is executed well enough for comfort.

But it’s far from perfect. Some of the simplification choices are more or less obvious – excising a couple of characters and subplots have left a lot more room for the main quest, but some are perplexing indeed. And in one case one of the protagonists is turned from a passerby to an active vigilante – not a wholly unbelievable turn of events, but quite against the line taken in the book.

Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander, the quite deeply damaged female hacker has drawn accolades for her performance, and she is good at filling out the black leather of the estranged security consultant. But it’s Michael Nyqvist’s take on Mikael Blomkvist that’s the highlight of the cast. His investigative journalist combines steely determination with a healthy amount of swedish smugness to a coherent whole. Too bad the narrow space of the movie doesn’t allow for deeper exploration of the character – there’d been ample material to build from.

The movie is not an easy one to watch – ugly sex and even uglier violence are served in abundance. But neither feels gratuitous – the plot is advanced by the inclusion of both.

I still stand by my conviction that a book of this size and complexity would be better served with a high-budget mini-series, but this film was about as well realized take on the seedy swedish underbelly as can be expected.

The two remaining parts of the trilogy were originally planned to be released as direct-to-television movies, but the rampant success of the first installment has pushed the production company to release all three in theatres.

And speaking of the previously unknown production company, YellowBird – they have taken very aggressive steps to provide a lot more scandinavian mysteries for theatre and television.

A great beginning for the series – I’m definitely looking forward for the remaining duo.

Mar 292009

Edge 200 galleryEdge magazine has reached its 200th issue.

And they celebrate the occasion with the publication of no less than 199 variants (the 200th is reserved for subscribers alone). Even though the magazine is securely holstered in plastic, the cover subject can be read from the rear – at least the selection in Akateeminen kirjakauppa was limited to four or so alternates (I picked the one wth Bub).

Mar 292009

Sisters of MercySaw Sisters of Mercy on a non-specific tour in Nosturi last Monday. And came away underwhelmed, the concert failed to move me any which way (apart from towards the coat check to avoid the rush at the end).

I’ve never been a big fan of the band, and as such this occasion was more of a chance to see yet another rock’n'roll dinosaur than a thus far unfulfilled dream.

The soundscape was surprisingly clean, apart from the drum sound mixed over everything else.

Recognized a couple of songs, but they weren’t simply enough to keep me in the arena, split halfway down the first encore.

Mar 282009

The Who Do You Love? photo challenge was launched a couple of weeks ago (and duly noted in my list of photography memes).

Who Do You Love 25.3.2009:  After Dark

For my first participation in this challenge of after dark I’m using an image from Monday. Walking home from a Sisters of Mercy gig the Helsinki harbour was entirely silent – covered with ice, the numerous cranes standing idle in the background.

Mar 282009

Yy kaa koo nee #22:  11For this week’s Yy kaa koo nee challenge of 11 I chose the 1984 rockumentary that made that number very famous indeed, by stretching the amplifier volume upwards just one more notch.

The film is heavily recommended to all who appreciate quality comedy and a downright brutal exposure to the surreal aspects of the music industry.

(And no, I didn’t clip the logo off the web, this is a closeup image of the dvd booklet’s cover).