Apr 272009

The fast-paced time-wasting word game has been updated.

The biggest upgrades are visual: the tiles show their point values and the game length is also visible on screen.

High score thus far: 924 (riding high on QUITE, ZINCS, WAVED and MODEST, and obviously keeping the multiplier rolling end to end).

Apr 262009

Loistopokkarit has announced that a finnish paperback edition of the third Mikael Blomkvist/Lisbeth Salander book Pilvilinna joka romahti won’t be published until August.

Too bad, this would have made a perfect summer book.

The second installment in the series, Tyttö joka leikki tulella, does not reach the high standard set by the debut. It’s a good book, but an incomplete one – hardly independent of the last part. The plot is far more complex, and at times feels like stretching credibility beyond breaking point. However, towards the end most of the strands converge neatly, but the conclusion resolves some elements in quite unconvincing fashion.

Apr 262009

Pelitieto.net is an introductory website about games and gaming culture.

Sure, there’s tons of those on the web already, so on the surface this is no big deal.

But this baby is in finnish, which is very much on the rare side.

And it’s pretty comprehensive from day one, which, in the days of permanent beta, is not common either.

The combination of the two points above, and the speed with which issues in the content are corrected, ought to mean a bright future as a reference.

And that is quite a big deal in my book.

Apr 262009

Saw Callisto in Tavastia on Thursday night. This was the first gig I’ve seen, and based on the entertainment value, will occasionally show up for future shows as well.

The warm-up band, Joose Keskitalo ja Kolmas Maailmanpalo, was an odd combination of apocalyptic lyrics, a large number of instruments, and angry blues. The thirty-odd minutes on stage were entertaining to say the least. But probably not enough to seek out the singer-songwriter’s albums.

Callisto played for a little over an hour and had minimalist interaction with the audience (a single “thank you” was all that was heard). I’d heard only their newest album Providence, and was positively impressed with the gig. Musically the combination of Sigur Rós-like dramatics and metallic growls is an odd one, but worthy of attention.

Shirts-wise the gig was on the uninteresting-side, but the chance to pick up the two early Callisto albums certainly did not go wasted.

Apr 262009

Consider the tables turned. Seriously turned.

After four races Ferrari has six points, McLaren is threatened with summary disqualification and the new guys have taken the lead.

With the likes of Brawn, Red Bull and Toyota racking in points ahead of the perennial favorites, things are looking up from the perspective of a casual observer.