May 022009

The 2008 season turned out not to be a shining one for Hakkapeliitat. From last years’s 1-2-3 combo, the triplet turned out to be 4-7-8 in the public leagues and a sixth place in the Finland for Thought’s football league.

Quite a rapid descent.

Unlike a proper dynasty owner’s actions, this is not the time to start rebuilding by drafting youngsters – it’s a whole new season in the fall. Though drafting rookies did turn out to be a good tactic – they were the cornerstone for success in the FFT-league.

The gravest disappointment this season was the back to back losses in hockey at the very worst time. Following a total domination in the regular season (#1 spot all the way from the very first week onwards), the playoffs just didn’t play out very well.

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