Sep 032009

Beatles logoExhibit A: The entire discography is to be re-released on 9.9.

Exhibit B: The Beatles: Rock Band is released on 9.9.

Exhibit C: Apple organizes a large ipod-related press conference on 9.9.

A+B+C = Beatles back catalogue to appear in iTunes?

Perhaps not, since the tagline for the conference is straight out of a classic Rolling Stones song.

Then again, the boys in Cupertino have proven themselves to be wily indeed.

My only Beatles-record is a wobbly russian vinyl edition of the White Album, so I’m pretty much settled on the idea of buying at least some of the albums. Perhaps the entire set, if a properly priced deal on the collection is available. And the Rock Band game, definitely the game.

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  1. All The Beatles UK LP releases compressed at 800% into a one-hour MP3:

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