Oct 272009

Calamari Union posterCalamari Union, a tale of fifteen Franks (and one Pekka) – all eager to move from Kallio to Eira.

Surreal, talky, home-spun and very eighties.

Time to watch this classic again.

Strangely enough – the film has been remade in Seattle, once again detailing an ill-fated trip between neighbourhoods.

Couldn’t find the trailer on youtube – here’s the scene where the reasons why Kallio needs to be abandoned are detailed.

Oct 202009

Meaning of Life-posterMonty Python’s Meaning of Life returns to the comedy troupe’s roots with a collection of unconnected sketches.

Only one of which is about food.

But that segment, Mister Creosote’s visit to a restaurant is unforgettable.

And leads to repeated jokes about dessert mints being just wafer-thin after heavy meals.

Movie Monday #10: Eating

Oct 202009

Angels & Demons posterWatched Ron Howard’s Angels & Demons in the plane. Operative word being watched. Since notwithstanding the rather good personal entertainment system in the seatback, the headphones were beyond awful. So I think I missed easily more than half of the dialogue in the movie.

The film, a follow-up to 2006 Da Vinci Code was not that entertaining. I clearly do not have a soft spot for running around in old churches in Rome. Tom Hanks again acts like he’s on horse tranquillizers, and whoever replaced Audrey Tatou ends up being just some local color on the side.

CERN’s presence is turned down significantly from the book – this time there are no experimental aircraft zipping across the skies of Europe.

Better access to dialogue would probably increase the grade a little. Maybe. I wasn’t that big a fan of the book either.

Oct 202009

Night scene from New YorkAs they say in Spinal Tap.

I’m in town for a very quick business trip.

Yesterday’s exploration was two-fold: mainly to stave off too early sleep, but also to get a decent dinner.

The former was more than adequately accomplished, with the help of the latter. A seafood pasta, with clams, mussels, shrimp and two kinds of calamari in white wine over linguini at Southwest 44 was the best seafood dish I’ve had in ages.

The shopping was very curtailed – managed to snag a Stockton retro shirt at the NBA Store, take a brief look into the neighbourhood Barnes&Noble and spot a few other shops to visit with more time. Apple store is a few blocks twoards the Central Park, and definitely on the list as well.

The flight was surprisingly smooth. A newish Airbus 330 had wide enough legroom to be comfortable even when almost packed to the gills. Food was expectedly low quality, but a hearty lunch in Seutula helped a lot.

Encountered the first genuine scam artist some fifteen seconds after exiting the carousel. The guy’s claims that in New York all cab fares are per person, not per carload were not exactly convincing. Last time it took a full minute.