Jan 012010

As is traditional, here’s a condensed and hard-to-follow list of things that happened at the HQ.

  • Changed accommodation arrangements completely: moved to Espoo, moved to a house, moved in with a woman, moved in with a cat.
  • Worked on releasing the first Nokia Linux phone, the N900.
  • Had a couple of public presentations of the future roadmap of the Maemo development tools.
  • Had no articles published in hesari (not that I really tried, either).
  • Entertained ideas about therapy programming projects, but didn’t really get started on any.
  • Saw fewer movies and gigs than expected (the move consumed a plenty of time).
  • Just one new country: Bulgaria
  • Visited Berlin three times (only one for pleasure, though).
  • Continued to play lots of Scrabble in Facebook.
  • Did not buy a car on account of moving to Espoo.
  • Saw crowd-mismanagement at its worst at Sonisphere in Pori.
  • Tuska, on the other hand, was a far more pleasant exercise.
  • Bought a couple of new lenses for the DSLR as well as a very handy pocket camera.
  • Ran down the aquarium when moving, and haven’t yet set it up anew.
  • Blogged a lot. Only here, the sidetracks did not get reactivated.
  • Geocached way too little.
  • Bought my first ever Bluray-discs (though am without a player, still).
  • The sequel to Guns n’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Lost the bowl game in fantasy football.
  • Participated in weekly photo memes a lot.

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