Feb 282010

Movie Monday #28: SequelI’ve already covered the greatest sequel in the world on a previous outing.

Godfather: Part II isn’t as great an improvement over the orignal as the Empire Strikes Back was, but it’s an excellent movie nonetheless, and worth the accolades.

As a story it is both educational (Organized Crime 101 in a neat two hours and change) and downright entertaining. Entertaining in the sense of being full of hard choices and even harder consequences. Coppola interweaves the two parallel plotlines well, and the film ends on a truly ambiguous note – duty and ambition having taken the toll on the Corleone family.

The second sequel of the saga, the ill-received part III, is a better film than the ravenous critical response indicates, but it does have its bad moments. Moments that are absent from this masterpiece.

Movie Monday #28: Sequel.

Feb 232010

The annual Tuska metal festival has quite a lineup for this summer.

Megadeth, now re-united and playing the full Rust in Peace album is the obvious star of the show. I saw them on the United Abominations-tour back in 2007 and was very very impressed.

Devin Townsend plays two gigs in Kaisaniemi – first the premiere of his theme album Ziltod the Omniscient, the second a more traditional one.

I missed good chunks of two recent Mastodon gigs, and considering the awesomeness of their Crack the Skye-album, the saturday’s headliner is not to be missed.

Testament tours with Megadeth, it’ll be interesting to finally see the veteran band on stage – I’ve chronically missed them on previous opportunities. Overkill was one of the first speed metal bands I learned to know back in the mid eighties, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing their debut gig in Finland.

Of the domestic bands there will be classics (Tarot), established acts (Finntroll and Swallow the Sun) and bands-not-yet-signed-on (Turisas, pretty please).

And plenty plenty more, with bands doubtless still to be signed up.

Feb 212010

Lost Supper

Countdown to the last season’s kickoff (doubleheader episode) on finnish television: five days and change.

And yes, the image is horribly derivative of the corresponding Galactica image, but that’s par for the course.

Feb 202010

The “spying laptop”-scandal that surfaced in the well-heeled Philadelphia suburb of Lower Merion seems like a business plan cooked up by truly incompetent peeping toms:

  1. Donate laptops to pupils.
  2. Remotely activate the webcams on the computers to observe activity at home.
  3. Get caught red-handed.
  4. Get sued.
  5. Profit.

The backlash should be severe, swift and punitive in biblical proportions.

After all, this would be a perfect place to play the “think of the children”-card.

And as the commenters in the deservedly long thread in the boingboing article note, this reeks of both big and little brother.

Feb 202010

As the ever-expanding URL shortening business is concerned, the recently arrived shadyurl is a clear winner.

First of all it doesn’t even attempt to shorten the URL, and it additionally mangles it to a form that is very unattractive to surfers who actually bother checking the target of a link.

The innocent permalink to this very entry is transmuted to rather suspicion-arousing http://5z8.info/worm_k8s0m_myspace-of-sex.

Feb 172010


This week’s movie monday is a four-prong meme – all very topical to the week.

I chose shrove tuesday as my theme. In the very finnish sense of “going down a hill fast” as opposed to beginning of fasting season.

The movie of choice is Cool Runnings, a comedy of the journey of the jamaican bobsled team from humble beginnings to olympics in Calgary.

The only known actor in this feelgood comedy is John Candy, but the lack of star power is by no means a disadvantage.

Movie Monday #27: Laskiainen.

Feb 142010

More snow. Though sadly the sunlight was quite subdued by clouds this late in the afternoon.

The traditional location for the shot was unavailable, under a massive snow pile. Hence the slight variation in the position.

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