Feb 042010

Haloscan calls it quits, and the upgrade costs 12$ annually.

On one hand that’s a trivial price to pay.

On the other the comments are not visible in the modern side of the blog (i.e. this instance that runs wordpress) anyway.

Hence, consider them gone in a couple of weeks.

  7 Responses to “Losing a couple of years worth of comments”

  1. Any chance for downloading them from Haloscan and migrating them into WordPress’s database?
    Might be waste of time, but on the other hand it might be interesting exercise.

  2. Yeah, I considered this alternative.

    Haloscan provides export functionality, but according to a few randomly googled instructions, the process of integrating them is not trivial. Sadly there’s a lot of manual steps (with a possible detour via Blogger) to get them in. Then again, haloscan’s password recovery page is spectacularly uncooperative, so there’s hurdles even in simple exporting…

  3. But you can still read the comments using a browser? With some scripting you should have them stored in your own database.

    BTW, this is one of the risks people have when they “outsource” their content to some unrealiable third parties; suddenly something changes and they loose everything. Same with Google mail, Blogspot, Flickr, Facebook etc.

  4. Yes, the comments are still available in the old archives. Thought about capturing them with a script, but at least some of the comments seem to be in /dev/null already.

    Haloscan’s service level agreement wasn’t that great to begin with, but they seem to have underachieved nonetheless.

    And sure, the threat of data loss on account of externalized storage is a fact of life. Some of the services are too convenient to bypass, but nothing last forever (to surreptiously quote Axl Rose).

  5. Hello!

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