Apr 212010

Floating gardenGave in and bought Canon’s 18-200mm objective from Yodobashi. Getting it tax-free mitigated the financial damage somewhat and anyway, I needed something longer than the 11-16mm and 50mm glasses I had with me. The purchase was not too easy – the procedures took at least three salespersons, and a lot of milling around. Some of it might have been just boredom, since the customers were vastly outnumbered early in the morning.

Took the lens to the task on a visit to two Osaka attractions.

The floating garden is a sightseeing platform at 173 meters. The view was appropriately nice, but all in all the experience was rather lame. The rapidly ascending glass elevator gave a sharp pointer to dormant acrophobia. The garden contained the second cache in Osaka.

Osaka castleOsaka castle is a rebuilt large fortress within city limits. The castle was nicely surrounded by cherry trees. The building is not the original castle, it has been reconstructed multiple times over. Hence the visitors are not subjected to same kind of protective requirements as is common in the rather more fabulous and original Himeji castle.

Rode a cab to and from the castle, while not cheap by any means, it’s quite a bit more affordable in Japan than back home.

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