May 172010

Ronnie James Dio passed away yesterday.

Attached is one of the most influential music videos ever. Last in Line, with its fantasy-inspired video and a rollicking tune attracted me in the impressionable age of fourteen. And many many others as well.

I saw Dio only once. His band played by far the loudest gig on the Monsters of the Millennium tour. Not a small feat, considering that the lineup included Motörhead and Manowar.

Holy Divers and Sunset Supermen – the world is a poorer place, now.

May 162010

Barcelona logoBarcelona won La Liga.

A convincing victory over Valladolid and a Real Madrid draw sealed the margin at the top.

Having been blown out of of the Champions League finals, that’s the end of the season.

May 162010

For one reason or the other, Google Reader is having issues with the blog’s feed once again.

All the entries are present, but for some reason only the first one is rendered, and even that in a very abbreviated fashion.

This has happened before, and been rectified miraculously.

The current bout seems to be quite a bit more persistent.