Jun 272010

FIFA’s insistence on non-assisted refereeing gets harder and harder to defend.

Both of today’s two playoff games featured gross mistakes by the referees.

England was denied a goal in their loss against Germany. In a curious mirror of the 1966 finals, Frank Lampard’s crossbar-deflected ball clearly crossed the line but was disallowed. With a score drawn before the halftime, it would have been an entirely different game.

Argentina got a goal as a gift to begin their game against Mexico. Either the offside regulations are too complex for today’s referees, or the italian lineman needs new glasses. Either way, Carlos Tevez managed to score from behind the Mexican line.

On account of these, and plenty of other judgmental mishaps, I’d be very surprised if technical assistance would not be experimented with in the next few years.

After all: tennis, a far more stodgy sport has not neglected to use modern technology. The reasoning of the controlling body is something FIFA would be well-advised to learn from: in a multi-million dollar game decisions by the officials should be shielded from human error as much as possible.

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