Jun 302010

Weekday Photos / Macro #5: Ants, mean mean antsAccording to the wikipedia, Australian bulldog ants “are known for their aggressive behavior and powerful stings”. Thankfully there was a pane of glass separating these mean-looking insects and me.

Weekday Photos / Macro #5: Ants, mean mean ants.

  2 Responses to “Weekday Photos / Macro #5: Ants, mean mean ants”

  1. is that the ants claws? that really looks like it would hurt! Great photo, looks like the ants are larger then what they are which thank god they arnt hehe.

  2. Nope, not claws. They’re mandibles (jaws).

    And sure, the scandinavian nature is fortnately very much tamer when compared to the Aussie one.

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