Jul 312010

Gave lifestream a shot. After all, the service provider’s infrastructure is now capable of running it.

It did aggregate content nicely from quite a few places.

But it also somehow broke the right sidebar in half on all pages, and didn’t provide my facebook-updates at all.

The former would be probably be debuggable and correctible, but the latter seems to be a permanent feature in the new privacy-illusion-providing facebook.

Hence, no lifestream here.

Jul 292010

Sorry about the downtime and the rather primitive looks.

Updated to a new server (within louhi.net).

And things went haywire.

All the posts and comments should be present.

Images will be restored in short order.

And the theme and widgets later on.

Jul 232010

One of the bands I’ve mostly missed seeing live is Faith No More.

I had a very good shot at them last year, but fate (in the form of a sudden business trip to Berlin and an even more suddenly disappearing ticket offer) conspired to keep me out.

This year they played in Ilosaarirock. And based on the report it looks like the guys might come back in for more sauna-related punishment.

Jul 172010

Back in the late eighties when the amount of alcohol in beer was still one of the factors whether to purchase a given brand, I noted that the further up the scale you go, the worse the taste is. I still harbor a serious aversion to Golden Pride which a friend of mine brought home half a suitcase from England.

Those days of Elefant and others in the ~11% scale are long gone.

As the Time magazine article explains, the competition between BrewDog and Schorschbräu has upped the ante above 40%. While likes of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck! would be interesting to taste, the cost would be prohibitive indeed.