Jul 042010

Tokyo TowerContinuing the long-drawn-out travelogue from Japan lands us today in downtown Tokyo.

Following the adventuresa in and around the Tsukiji Fish Market it was time to check out the Tokyo Tower.

The tower is a quasi-replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The structure is the same, but material is allegedly much lighter weight. And coloration, obviously is different as well. The peppermint colors comply with air traffic regulations much better than the dirty grey of the original.

The sightseeing platform at 150 meters offered a nice view of the city. The afternoon haze prevented Mount Fuji from being visible, sadly. The higher platform would have cost extra and demanded an extra wait of 30 minutes. Skipping that was not a hard choice at all. Fortunately the elevators were the only elements requiring extra waiting. And ice cream in the cafeteria arrived swiftly and was just the thing to quell the warmth.

Unidentified catfish in the Tokyo Tower aquariumThe basement of the tower houses an adventure park for children (Nopponland, whose mascots got rampant applause when they put on a show i front of the entrance) and an aquarium.

The aquarium turned out to be massively disappointing. The tanks were small and plentifully overcrowded. Some of the aquaria housed catfish so large they had no real means of moving in their accommodations. The lack of any hiding places only served to increase their stress.

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