Aug 222010

Tank with swordplantsMeh.

The bottom pane of the tank seems to be both cracked (slightly, but worrisomely) and slightly loose (even more worrisomely).

Noticed both issues only today, upon a cleaning effort. The tank’s been fallow since the move, and figured that a warm Sunday just the day to deal with cold water.

Seems that the Trigon will not be making a return as a fish enclosure any time soon.

The tank had its good and bad sides. On one hand it was just the right size to fit the spare livingroom corner in the previous HQ. On the other the sixty centimeter height was ten centimeters too much, and the rear corner was painful to reach and bothersome to clean. Then again, the height of the aquarium was not enough for the swordplants on their way up and up as shown on the right.

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