Aug 242010

Plants vs. Zombies logoI bought PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies for the ipod Touch to serve as in-flight entertainment on the trip to Japan in April. While the game was definitely a good timewaster, it took me almost half a year to finish.

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense game where the player uses toys at his disposal (different plants and plant paraphernalia) to stave off invading enemies (zombies).

The game starts off simple, with peashooters against slowly shambling zombies. But the evolving enemies (packing anything from steel buckets to zamboni machines) demand higher grade weaponry. And that is indeed provided – beating each level in the adventure mode puts a new plant at the player’s disposal.

Visually the game falls into the candy-colored-cuteness camp. Even the undead are given a pleasant coating on top of their festering skin. Tom Savini-style visuals would hardly have led to the massive sales the game has enjoyed.

Indeed, the game has been a great success for the kings of casual gaming. It’s been ported to quite a few platforms, with a version on the XBLA surfacing in September. No sequel has been announced yet, but it’s just a matter of time before a new horde of the living dead walks onto the consoles and computers.

Plants vs. Zombies features achievements on all platforms. Achievements that demand quite a bit of extra playtime after the adventure mode is completed, as only a few will get picked up during the course of the story.

A selection of minigames (including zombie-bowling) round out an entertaining package well worth the couple of dollars it costs.

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